Fan Fictions

Meredith Random Story. Written by the users of Taylor Connect

Once upon a time Meredith was putting on lipstick. She picked up her favorite dress, (which was Taylor's dress), and went to a party that celebrated Taylor's 22nd birthday. But Meredith ran in to Taylor and Taylor cried because Meredith had been hurt.  She had a boo-boo on her paw, and Taylor kissed it and it was all better.  But then Abigail came along with a dog. His name was Fredric.  Meredith got scared and ran away.  But Fredric doesn't wanna harm Meredith. He loves all cats, especially her! But Meredith wasn't buying it. She was still very cautious.  Then Fredric spilled juice on Meredith's head.  It was an accident, but Meredith did not accept his apology.  She ran into Taylor.  She was shocked. Meredith's behavior was odd because she would normally accept his apology if it was an accident.  Taylor knew something was up, so she took her to the vet.  Meredith had a thorn in her paw!  She felt much better after it was taken out. The vet said, "Meredith is acting like this because she hit her head!" Taylor started crying, "Can you fix her head?" she begged.

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